Friday, 22 February 2013


Hmmm, it's a puzzle to know what to do when your in a crafting flunk....

I was all geared up yesterday to practise a square of the 'Uni Blanket' (as I am going to refer to it from now on). BUT.....instead, I waisted the day trying, then getting confused, looking on You Tube for tips, to no avail....If any one knows of a good/easy to understand tutorial blog or You Tube video that shows you how to make a 'solid, triple crochet square .... Please let me know. I know the stitches but just can't follow the patterns very well.

So in frustration I finished off some other projects using puzzle pieces....I think it needs to go on card next...


  1. Such a lovely phrase! I love it. And I hope your crafting funk sorts itself out very soon. It happens to us all - I definitely feel a creative cycle, some weeks I have lots of ideas, some none at all. It'll come back!

  2. This is lovely, I never imagine you in a crafting flunk, you always seem to do it all :)

  3. Oh Sandra, so little you know:( I'm a great one for procrastinating :) Lots of ideas, just not the get up and go.

  4. Oh love this Alana, fab idea.
    C xx

  5. Absolutely no help on the blanket....still need to master crocheting, but the puzzle piece is beautiful and will look great on a card :)