Monday, 14 January 2013

I may be some time...

I'm off on an adventure tomorrow. Well when I say adventure it may well turn into a nightmare what with this snow we are having. I have been checking The Met Office hourly....well almost.

The 'teen' and I are off to the really? In January? Are you mad? I hear you say. Quite possibly yes! We are not on a lovely jaunt to eat fish and chips or eat candy pink rock (can't stand the stuff....rock that is, I love fish and chips). No it's all on the name of University interviews. Why he couldn't of found one closer to home I don't know.

So just letting you know that Wordless Wednesday won't happen on Wednesday or maybe not at all this week the rate my crafting time is going. But I am taking my crochet on the off chance the trains are still running from Paddington to the West Country. It's a bit extreme booking a 3 hour railway journey just so I get to craft but needs must;)

See you in a few days....