Monday, 17 September 2012

Oh my gosh...

Oh my gosh, just where is the time going?  I can see the end of September on the horizon already.  And as for this working lark, I'm not sure I like it.  I just haven't had any time to myself recently to play with paper.

Anyway.....after waiting for a new printer to be installed I was able to print a few photos and finish a couple of layouts.  

Our new printer gives the facility of writing on the photos so I typed PASSED repeatedly along one side of the photo.  I thought this was a great idea for us scrapbookers.  Apologies to those who are already in the know, I'm a bit behind the times you know as I have been on a stash and technology diet.  

Actually it's been great using up a lot of my scraps.  I'm determined to use up a lot of those older papers that maybe aren't in fashion any more.  Whenever I get new clothes, I take off the labels and save them along with any other interesting bits and bobs I find from magazines etc.  The 'Happy Virus' label was attached to a bag I bought from Artbox once. The 'Joy' bottle picture was from a 50's inspired advertising calender and one I also added a couple of my home made buttons. 

Yes, it was a joyous day in the 'The Little Blue Shed' household when Rob finally passed his Maths GCSE.  As you can see from the photo he does look rather pleased.

Btw, Robs hair has got to Yeti proportions now and I have demanded he gets it cut before he starts some work experience....I'm taking him to the hairdressers myself.  Oh, yes, of course I will have my camera ready though I'm not sure I can (or the hairdresser can) convince him to have more than a trim.  

I'll be back with more thrifty layouts soon...and maybe a less shaggy haired son?



  1. Fab page - Congratulations Rob!! now get your hair cut ;) My son is the same - Either crew cut or the leo sayer look!

  2. Great page ... I'm on a stash busting mission too at the moment so well done on using up older stuff!! Congrats to your son too!! x

  3. Great page - love the layers, the colours and the details.
    And a good idea to print on the photo. I have no idea whether my printer does that - I usually edit in photoshop and add words then
    Have a great day!

  4. Love your page. The apple cutout is great and the typing on the side of the photo is a super idea.
    Sue x

  5. Great layout-I love the writing down the photo.I don't think you'll get that hair cut any time soon if my son's anything to go by!

  6. It's a fabulous page to celebrate a fantastic event.

    The hair's a bit mad round here too. He doesn't seem to see where the problem is..

  7. Love your layout, what a great event to scrap, one for the album for sure.
    BTW what printer did you get? Mine's on the blink and I really don't know what to replace it with. Any advice would be appreciated.