Tuesday, 25 September 2012


Ooh! Yes, it's definitely Autumn now.  How do I know this? Well....

I have managed to get the hubby to agree to having the heating on...but not on the timer yet:(

We have moved up a level of duvet tog rating:)

The familiar soreness of throat and ears tells me a cold is coming (I get one every September/October).

It's an effort to get out of bed in the morning.

I have an urge to cook huge vats of comforting hot casseroles.

The battle of the coat starts with the teen. (the one where he won't wear one even when it's raining...why?)

More craft time.

So while I am desperately sucking my way through packets of soothing throat sweets and swallowing the Vitamin C, I am dreaming of a few weeks ago of when the sun was still out (although there was enough of a nip in the air to remind you that summer was over)and the blackberries and autumn fruits where in abundance.

The punched edges idea I got from a layout by Tracee Povis, winner of the July Scrap365 sketch challenge.......here.  Bits and bobs acquired from my box of 'useful stuff'.

The mosaic photo app is called 'My week in pictures' which I was able to send wireless to the printer for printing.....ooh, you should of seen my gleeful face when I found that worked.

Simple things...


  1. Brilliant title! I'm singing now..and am actually cooking huge vat of casserole for tea. They're going to like that, but they aren't going to like discovering I've had the last Lemsip..

    I love the page and all the "bits"

  2. I felt guilty putting the heating on.......but not that guilty. The boots have been out too.

  3. oh yes!! Autumn is definitely here! casseroles and soups and we put our heating on too.

    what is it with teenagers and coats...i've had the same battle this week! x

  4. forgot to say, brilliant title...and love the page x

  5. great layout and yes I agree on the autumn, got a stew in the slow cooker as we speak lol