Sunday, 30 September 2012

Alice Rose

I have been playing with a Paper Artsy rose die cutter this week.      

I used a Graphic 45 pad of Halloween Alice scrapbook papers to make it.  The pattern is small enough to blend in but you can still see some characters. The edges of the petals and leaves are coloured using Distressing Inks and then a little smear of Rock Candy Distressing Stickles was dabbed over the the edges of the petals.

I not sure what I am going to do with it.  I quite fancy it as a brooch and although the paper is quite solid and strong I'm not sure it will withstand being worn.

That's all from me today as I'm feeling a little weary with a cold and sinus pain:(

Only four more weeks to half term....


  1. Oh wow Alana....If i try to make something like this it never resembles a flower. Its gorgeous and would look lovely sitting on top of a box....if you couldn't wear it that is!! x Hope you feel better soon, everyone here has the sniffles x

  2. It's gorgeous! Absolutely petal perfect..I can really see how you would love to wear it as a brooch. I'd be tempted too.

    Hope the sinus eases soon. You know you have all my sympathy. And a virtual sudafed from me to you..

  3. Wow! That is BEAUTIFUL!
    Get well soon.
    Sue x

  4. beautiful flower, What about on a headband?

  5. Love the rose - it's beautiful :D Tackling sinuses/cold here with a curry ;) !!