Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Something from nothing...

Hello there!

I'm not going to mention the weather...uh no...let's skip that part shall we and go straight to the crafting.

This shabby style wall hanging is just made out of die cut cardboard using a set of Nestabilities dies which has been covered in Gesso and dry brushed with pink paint.  I then used a little gold leaf to highlight parts of it.  The heart is hand cut, painted and then German Scrap wings attached.

It has seemed very quiet in blogging land recently.  Is everyone on holiday or just busy I wonder?  If you can spare the time I would love you to leave a comment about your thoughts on the wall hanging as I intend to have these on my craft school at the school fair.  That's if I get enough things made as it is very busy at school at the moment.  I'm treating it as a test run to see what is popular....or not.

Well what ever you are doing right now I hope you find time to fit in a little makery... 


  1. I think it's beautiful.

    I have found that I need to click a couple of extra buttons and scroll up and down more with your new look - maybe that is slowing things down a bit?

  2. Hmmm, thanks Sian. Let me know if it's putting you all off commenting. It's easily changeable.

  3. I love the little wall hanging-it would also work well as a photo frame fro the craft stall

  4. your hangings are lovely Alana - I have these nestabilities and have never thought to do something like this....i like them a lot and I'm sure they will sell well.

    It does take a little longer now to comment on your new style blog and it took me several attempts to comment the first time....because i hadn't noticed that i had to scroll up and down!! and then you have the verification thingy on and that takes even longer to work out the right code...they are so hard to read sometimes lol!!

  5. i love your wall hanging alana...but i find these dynamic views a bit disconcerting too...and it does take longer to work out where things are...

  6. Thankyou ladies for your comments. The verification I didn't know was on and I will change the look of the blog too.