Monday, 18 June 2012

Last week....

.....I had been a little blue. Nothing major, just a combination of the weather, work and hubby job hunting.

However I am feeling much better today. The weather is still dismal but at least all the rain has given us a wonderful display of ornamental poppies, foxgloves and roses in the garden. I watched our school cricket team get into the finals while sipping a flask of tea. I baked a bit too, chocolate cupcakes and homemade mincemeat (leftover from Christmas) tart. I found time to sew and a little crafty makery and even invented a fish finger and mushy pea sandwich with gherkins on the side....delicious it was too:) Simple pleasures that make me happy. What has made you happy today?


  1. Your email!

    and the long forgotten treat of a fishfinger sandwich. My Mum used to make them and I think I need to rediscover them now

  2. Did I actually read "fish finger and mushy pea sandwich with gherkins on the side" lol!!!! I don't know what to think...not something i would eat lol! but DH has always been partial to a fish finger sandwich xx

  3. The blue sky and singing in the car with the window down!
    Know exactly how you feel :0)

  4. He he, even teen declined from my sandwich combination. Now I have a story about the fish finger sandwich...

  5. The sun shining hopes it's bringing you a little cheer too :)