Sunday, 3 June 2012

Jubilant Jubilee

Hello there! Hoping you have all had a Jubilant Jubilee today.

Scary photo eh? I wore these glasses and boppers to school on our jubilee picnic day. I was told I looked like an irritated wasp.... actually I can see the resemblance. 

I'm really here to join in with Sian's Storytelling Sunday.  It has a Jubilee theme too.

I decided to make some patriotic bunting by cutting up some old curtains.  I enlisted my mum to sewing machine duties while I measured and cut.  Nigel was the runner, making sure the demanding machinist had enough of the right colour.

We used my old Singer...

Do you remember I mentioned it before.  It looks lovely but only has one type of stitch but I'm sure even if it had more it still wouldn't help my sewing abilities (see my sewing story here).  It was my nan's and has been converted to electric by adding a foot pedal. Mum remarked that it sewed pretty well considering how old it must be.  'I bet you can probably find out how old it is by looking on line' I said.  Nigel noticed a brass plate with a code on and wrote it down.  A few minutes later he had found it was made in 1912.  Exactly 100 years old.  

Isn't it a nice thought to think a machine of that age is still being useful.  

Not bad for a 100 year old...


  1. You are definitely in the spirit of the Jubilee--your opening get-up made me laugh, and I'm sure colleagues and children at school were impressed (!) as well.

  2. I love your bunting. I am glad your machine has been converted to electric. I don't know how they managed to treadle for such a long time originally. Things were certainly built to last back then :-)

  3. I just love this - taking us back 100 with your beautiful sewing machine just seems like the perfect way to celebrate this weekend. Your bunting is perfect - and as for the sunglasses. what can I say? You know how to give us a smile! Thanks Alana for taking time in your mad busy Jubilee weekend to share a story with us

  4. you do look fantastic and it definitely made me smile! Great bunting too made with the fab vintage sewing machine

  5. What a coincidence that the sewing machine happened to be 100 years old this year! (I must get my Mum to look out hers because I'm sure it looks the same!) And the bunting is lovely :)

  6. One of my friends has a sewing machine that age - also converted to electrics, it's beautiful and heavy! Lovely bunting and lol at the wasp comment ;)

  7. These are great photographs that age the sewing machine and the bunting perfectly. I have my grandmother's original Singer that was converted to 'the electricity'. It still does straight-stitching. Lovely Jubilee memory for years to come.

  8. you were certainly in the jubilant spirit Alana lol! I do like your sewing machine photos and how nice that you can still use it x