Friday, 8 June 2012

Busy bees and trees....

Well the day started off well.  I met one of my friends for coffee, the wonderful, creative Kelie-Marie.  We scoured the charity shops where I purchased a 70p Ladybird book about bugs and butterflies.  But when I got home we suddenly noticed the Elderflower Tree was leaning precariously against the little blue shed! 

So Nigel and I rushed out (in the wind and rain) to set about saving the shed. We climbed on the roof of the shed, sawed, pulled and snapped twigs (with our bare hands....grrr) and saved the little blue shed from certain destruction...phew!

Strange how I have been on three different shed roofs in the last 12 months...I quite like it.

Right,back to crafting. As promised here are some more collage style cards and some photos of the Vanilla and Strawberry and Red Velvet Cupcakes that I made for our Jubilee party.  Delicious they were too:)

Hopefully I am going to the Vintage Emporium this weekend for a good nosey and inspiration.  Hope you all have fun whatever your weekend holds for you. 


  1. ooooh those cakes look delicious. Great cards, enjoy your weekend.

  2. Glad the shed is now safe, the cards are gorgeous and the cakes look delicious, hope you have fun at the vintage emporium :)

  3. Cor, I'm delighted to hear that the shed has survived to blog another day!

    Thanks for your comment the other day - gave me a smile :)