Wednesday, 2 May 2012

They rode pink elephants...

Since my dads death earlier this year, I have been trying to find these jolly photos of him and Robert riding the pink elephants at Southend.

I used a sketch from the latest copy of Scrap365 for this layout.

Photos of happier times, when dad was healthy and well.  A moment in time that I will treasure in my memories.

To be honest I haven't been my usual happy self these past few weeks, life has been hard for various reasons.  So I decided to scrap these 'colourful and happy' photos to try and bring myself out of my dark mood a bit.

I have also been thinking that my layouts have been a bit flat and too graphic for my liking so pin wheels and bunting seemed the way to go.

The journalling reads...

Once upon a time there was a grandad who loved his grandson very much.  They rode pink elephants and waved to their family, laughing as they flew.

A mix of patterns, colours and card stock helped make the layout fun and jolly.

The journalling reminded me of a fairy tale, although it wasn't fiction, it was all true.  Robert was the apple of his eye.  

Which brings me to today, Rob's 17th birthday.  At times I moan  about him (OK, I moan a lot) but at the end of the day he isn't a bad kid.  He loves being with his family, is caring and polite and although his life is changing fast (piercings...eek!) he still expects a homemade birthday cake:)


  1. fantastic page and Happy Birthday to Robert great to see you here again xxx

  2. Such a lovely layout to share on Roberts birthday. A memory to treasure xx
    sending you (((((((hugs)))))))

    P.S i wondered what had happened to your blog when i popped across.....looking good!

  3. Have you changed the outlook of your blog? Ooohhh this is all very posh lol.

    Fabulous layout, as always. Please give yourself time .... But remember, I'm here if you need to talk xx

  4. Yes, I suddenly had the urge to change it. If I get more positive feedback it may even stay. It looks better on a web page than a mobile.

  5. I love the blog look, I toyed with the idea of changing mine to that form but chickened out, I wish I had, it looks great :)

    I love the layout, scrapping is a great therapy isn't it. I lost my dad last year and I scrapped him last week for the first time in a while. (((hugs))) to you for your loss.

    Happy Birthday to your son.

  6. Lovely LO and an even more lovely memory Alana.

  7. Lovely layout and I love the new blog look :)

  8. Happy Birthday Rob!

    I hope you find a bit of sunshine soon.. this is a very moving page

  9. No idea what I did yesterday, Alana, as the comments button's now at the bottom of the page... ;-) Mind you, I also tried to 'like' your printers tray post yesterday & that wouldn't work either. Anyway, that's just worked now too, so it looks like it's all tickety-boo :-D

  10. Love your new blog design, and This layout is fab!!

  11. A fabulous LO. You are right, the bunting and pinwheel go perfectly. Thank you for taking part:)

  12. what a super page and a great memory to treasure :0)