Sunday, 13 May 2012

Magical mystery tour...

Last Sunday was wet AGAIN but instead of miserably staying indoors Nigel and I decided to get in the car and go on a little mystery tour.

....Wait! Lets go back to the beginning of the story...

When I married Nigel I soon found out that he has a soft spot for old 60's and 70's television programmes.  The cheesier the better.  Though some of the programmes I have been introduced to over the years I have also grown to like.  

For example, The Avengers (Diana Rigg version)I even dressed up as her at a fancy dress party. Then there is Department 'S'....brilliant if slightly naff characters in this one especially Jason King, author/special agent/ladies man.  Randall and Hopkirk may be one you may of heard of? No? Why am I not surprised? Two of which is a ghost!

Now don't even get me started on the weird and wonderful world of children's TV...Anyway, back to the tour...

We decided to go and find the locations dotted around the countryside of Elstree Studios where they were filmed.  We found gates, houses, hotels, ponds and roads that looked familiar but now overgrown, some of which buildings have been changed over the years.

One of the places we stopped by was a pub which just so happened to be where my nan used to work.  As a child I used to stay with her in the summer holidays and help her in the kitchen of the pub.  Cutting up the french bread, shouting out the orders to the bar staff when they were ready to go.

I think we will visit some more locations soon and when the weather improves I want to go inside the pub and see how it's changed...or not.

Happy memories...


  1. It sounds like a brilliant day out! I'm looking forward to the next installment (and have you only dressed up as Diana Rigg, or are there others we need to hear about?)

  2. Ha, Ha, I have dressed up as lots of things Sian....but all school related events. Pirate, rapper, Willie Wonka, Mexican....

  3. An interesting day out and a trip down memory lane. I used to help out in my grandparents pub too when i was a teen!!

  4. Oh I can imagine what a fun day it was,