Friday, 4 May 2012


Thank you for the positive comments regarding the impromptu makeover of the blog.  I had seen this style on another blog and the clean, modern look appealed to me.  So I decided to update and change there and then.  It looks a bit odd on the mobile and I had a few teething problems with accessing it on the itouch (which I overcame by downloading the free blogger app). But I think it will stay for a while.  A change is as good as a rest so they say.

Anywho, thought I would just update you on what's happening round here crafty wise.  I still have a few cards to show...

A simple card with a stamped Octopode Alice, cardboard Spellbinders die cut waste and a little red colour on the ribbon and butchers string to jazz it up a bit.  

Regrettably I have decided not to carry on with the 'Photo365' challenge or Julie Kirk's 'Month in Numbers'.  What with the bereavement and other life happenings I found I was just so far behind that I was worrying about catching up.  Since deciding to abandon them I feel much better.  I am still gong to show my week in photos....but only if there is something interesting to show.

I'm still joining in 'Storytelling Sunday' over on Sian's blog, High in the Sky, which just so happens to be this Sunday.  It's something I can commit easily to without preparation.

On a final note, after a pretty depressing week, Rob came home with an armful of college artwork which renewed my faith in his arty abilities.  Quite impressive stuff:)  Oh, and he greatly appreciated his birthday cake after a three hour evening maths session...

See you Sunday with a few photos and a line or two...


  1. I'm pleased youre feeling better, sometimes you need to step back take stock, no need to push yourself. Although I'm glad your creativity isn't slowing down

  2. See you on Sunday (it's always a pleasure, but if you don't feel up to it, we'll all understand completely) x

  3. Gorgeous card! I love the feel of it!