Saturday, 3 September 2011

My week in pictures 29 Aug 2011

Hello there,

Well it's been a tense week here at The Little Blue Shed household. The teen had an interview for a college placement but not before having to retrieve his Graphics portfolio from his school that is still shut. The good news is that he is now officially a student and proudly has his student card ready for his first day of his Interactive Media class on Tuesday. Sometimes things happen in life that can send you in a totally different direction and sometimes it is for the better....well done Rob we are all proud of you.

So apart from visiting colleges and filling in forms I have found some time to get all crafty and I made a little cover for my itouch. As you know I am not great with the sewing machine but I took my time and although it is a tight fit I am pleased with it.

Thanks for your replies about the postage stamps, I have some ideas forming now...

As you can see I have a new app to show my week in photos that I will be sharing with you each week, hope you like it. Thanks for the heads up on that Sian.

Must go now....the stamps are calling me.


  1. That's a cool collage! I'll be buying mine just as soon as TTO gets home (if you're not great with the sewing machine, then I'm not great with working my phone!)

    Congrats Rob :)

  2. Doesn't look like you've had too much trouble faith your sewing machine :)