Saturday, 17 September 2011

Sewing, baking and a rummage.

I have a few projects on the go at the moment.  All of them are sewing projects (yeah I know get me....and I can't sew)  After seeing some Cath Kidson fat quarters I was wondering what to make with them.  So I decided to make a little pinny to wear when I bake.  I didn't have a pattern so used an old pinny as a guide and thought the process through as I went.  It's not perfect, I made a couple of mistakes along the way but now I know what to do next time .  I really quite enjoyed it.

I wanted it to be reversible but co-ordinating so chose the strawberry and polka dot pattern.

The week started with a lovely Sunday at St Albans farmers market and a rummage at the retro emporium.  I have a feeling it is called an antique emporium but it isn't really.  Some of it is tut but you do find the odd gem and a lot of nostalgia. 

Like this tea pot (or is it a coffee pot)....I'm sure my mum had this range of crockery.  I really like the sixties and fifties patterns and designs and could of bought loads of goodies but alas Nigel has an aversion to second hand items.  It does have that musty secondhand smell in there and I always feel I need to wash my hands afterwards but as long as you can give what ever you have bought a good scrub I don't mind.

Zingy, citrus stripes...what a fabulous handbag but a bit too expensive for me.

Ooh, who thought Formica could be cool.
Then it was back to work and I really feel exhausted after a full week at school.  It feels like I have never been away.  To say that my days are varied is an understatement.  Yesterday I sewed up a banner made of the children's fabric artwork (on a lovely new sewing machine), cut out letters for a display, taught spelling and handwriting, took photographs of the children trying on Tudor style costumes, helped them with typing up their autumn poetry and played/coached netball. was certainly a full day.  Multi-skilled doesn't cover it.

After all that activity I am looking forward to a restful weekend, catching up on the chores, starting some new sewing projects and a bit of baking to road test the pinny.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend too:)


  1. What do you mean you can't sew? You've made a pretty fab job especially as you didn't have a pattern. Looking forward to seeing what you cook/sew up next.

    .....thank you for your good wishes x

  2. clever you, that's really pretty.

  3. You can sew......just look at your pinny!! It's gorgeous!! lovely choice of fabric!

  4. Um, I think you can sew!! This is just lovely, and beautifully styled too. Go on, make something else now!!

  5. Excuse me missy, you can sew, it's lovely.