Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Somethings never change...

I'm the sort of person who doesn't like change.  I feel insecure if I don't know what I am doing or what is happening next.  So I did feel sorry for the teen this morning as he trooped out in the rain to catch his bus to college.  After I had arrived at school I worried if he had arrived at the bus stop in time, if the bus had turned up, if he had found his way to the college room and if he was enjoying his course.

But sometimes, things don't change much at all.......he still came home and I was still none the wiser of the days events....

Blogger was playing up the other day when I posted Sian's Storytelling Sunday story.  I was very near to chucking the laptop out the window.....well I would of it it meant that I wouldn't have to spend another hour downloading photos and writing stories.  So with this in mind I didn't have the energy to post my Layout that goes with the story.  So here it is.

Oh, btw, I did find out that the teen knows how to switch on and use a mobile phone when he wants his dad to pick him up from the bus stop because of the rain.....sarcastic...moi?


  1. Oh teens, how I hated being one, luckily I have a few more years until DD can only communicate by grunting. Gorgeous layout too, love the colours.

  2. Lol... In his defence it was rather heavy rain lol.

    Your layout is gorgeous, so much texture, I'm a bit behind on my blog reading so haven't caught up with your story ... Yet! :)

  3. A great layout - I love the canvas tag, the stamps and layering. Some great ideas here that I would love to try :)

  4. Beautiful layout! All those textures and things to look at and enjoy.

    No, I'm not good with change either. But you know me well enough to have guessed that, don't you?!

  5. Haha. Three teens here! I stopped being a minicab some time ago but I still feel guilty at times...Love your layout, it's fab!
    Helen S

  6. Really gorgeous LO, I love all the little stamps that you've dotted about. And I really enjoyed your story that goes with it from Sunday :)

  7. Lovely LO Alana, I love the title font, it stands out really brilliantly and looks great. LOVE all of the stamps :)