Friday, 2 April 2010

Spring has Sprung!

So it seems that spring has finally sprung (do you remember that two weekends ago we had some sunshine). Yep that was it. Well as the sun was out and it was slightly warm that Sunday the three of us went for a little ramble around our local woods.

I have a soft spot for these woods because as a child (many years ago) I explored them with my friends, building dams in the stream and making dens in the undergrowth. My mum never worried that I was in the woods unable to contact me (mobiles had not been invented) but knew I would return at the end of the day ready for my tea. Unlike Sians memories of her childhood my memories where always of long sunny days.

So getting back to our walk, it was the first walk of the spring and we were lucky to see Muntjack deer, an animal I never new existed here, nervously nibbling the bushes and grass. The rare breed black sheep were grazing in the nearby fields and the birds sung their spring songs.

I consider myself very lucky to to be born and bred on the edge of a town in a beautiful part of Hertfordshire where the countryside, woods and farmland is literaly on my doorstep. The woods aren't of outstanding beauty, sometimes people have dropped litter, but nothing beats a spring stroll with my family, birds singing, the sky blue overhead, memories of childhood rekindled.


  1. Nice memories! And another pretty layout in those colours I love..that blue is especially lovely on this one :)

  2. I'm back to say I didn't mind you linking at all..I liked it! Yes, you're absolutely right. It's funny how different peoples memories can be

  3. What lovely memories and it's nice that you're able to look back and be thankful of the wonderful place you grew up in. I'm really liking this layout - I love the way you've edged your photograph, with the black in the white border.

  4. A lovely LO Alana with beautiful colours. At last I feel like I am coming out of hibernation!

  5. Your blog is lovely,as is your Spring LO!
    I'm really lucky too in that we have a beautiful wood right in our village - great for walks and den-building and with bluebells later in Spring.