Thursday, 15 April 2010


This is what made me smile today, a Kreativ Blogger award from fellow UKS blogger Thank you Winnie! Now I need to pass it on to some fellow bloggers and then list seven crafty facts about me.

1.Although I still make cards, my true love is Scrapbooking. It means I can be creative, tell stories and take photos.
2. My mum is trained as a seamstress but I did not gain the sewing gene. I cannot sew neat, invisable stitches but I can sew simple embroidery stitches on embellishments and small projects.
3. As a Teaching Assistant at a primary school I have lots of opportunities to introduce the younger generation to my crafty obsession of Scrapbooking. Last year two Year 4 classes made layouts titled 'It's Good To Be Me' as part of their health and well being fortnight.
4. Each year I hold a Breast Cancer coffee morning at school for the staff and sell handmade cards along with their favourite cakes. (top cake.....Coffee and Walnut)
5. I joined UKS in December when I was recovering from a sinus operation. Wished I had joined years ago as I have made loads of fab crafty friends.
6. Over the years I have tried many crafts including Cross Stitch, Knitting, Crochet, Cardmaking and Glass Painting.
7. I am just finishing my first paid work for a Scrapbook Album.....I hope they like it!
So there you go, seven crafty things about me I hope you didn't know already. Now I need to pass the award on to other inspiring crafty bloggers. (Ally), (Sian), (Kit),


  1. Oh, wow! Thanks Alana. You've made my day :) I did enjoy finding out a bit more about you today too.

  2. Oh bless you! thanks for the award - I hope that's not the sympathy vote!!
    I noticed you've cut someone out of the photo - I don't blame you!!!

  3. Well deserved award x Nice to know more facts about you too. Amazing card :)

  4. Ahh Ally, I had to cut you out because you were gurning! (Not really, but I didn't like the other photo I had of me and this one shows me at my best, smiling with a friend)

  5. Really lovely card. Good to learn more about your craftiness - well done for introducing the children at school to scrapbooking. I once did a maze book at a youth club session and it went down well.