Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Manic Smiling

So this was pretty much my look today, first day back to school after the Easter Holidays. A mountain of laminating, photocopying and resource searching....all before 9.30! Hence the manic smile! I went up in the world last September and was given the heady heights of Year 5 to TA for which mean going up and down two flights of stairs to the photocopier, laminater or anywhere really. The smile is starting to wain now!

I made these ATCs with the same technique as the 'S** The Housework' ones. Rather than Smile I had wanted to write 'Smile if you have farted'. I know, I know, working with children hasn't helped my sense of humour....but it would make me smile when the person who reads it smiles. But left it at just 'Smile'. (But in my mind I say.....if you have farted!)


  1. I know well the manic smile (as a teacher!)
    Your ATCs are great and love your unwritten added wording!

  2. Oh wow I love these soooooooooooo much!! Fantastic!