Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Out Of Control!

Here's some photo's I have been wanting to scrap for some time now of my 13 year old son enjoying himself on holiday in Slovakia. We had just finished a long mountain walk and as we came down from the mountain we came across a small kiddies amusement park. Now remember that Slovakia is only just developing as a tourist area and so apart from the many new holiday apartments and hotels being built at the moment it's not exactly Benidorm! So this amusement park consisted of a couple of run down merry go rounds and this little racing track that was clearly for younger children. Robert isn't exactly your adrenaline junkie (he refuses to go on the chair lifts, which limit our mountain walks) so apart from the racing track the alternative was Quad bikes. The racing tracks won. We had the biggest laugh in ages, he had trouble fitting his legs onto the bikes, difficulty controlling them and crashed into the barriers a few times. But just look at his face, he's loving it!

As I had so many photo's to fit on I needed a striking paper and found this Rusty Pickle Halloween paper matching perfectly with the greenery and the purple sweatshirt. The only problem was that I had cut a square out of one corner for another project. But with careful cutting of strips and matting and layering of the photo's onto purple corrugated and metallic card I managed to finish it. I highlighted the pictures by drawing wonky lines with a permanent pen around them and used the scraps of the photo paper for the journaling.
So kiddie cars 1- Potato cakes 0 ( that's another story and layout I'll show you another time.....)

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