Monday, 30 March 2009

A Garlic Moment

So here's the one about the potato cakes.......It all started when we were given a really disgusting local speciality for dinner one night in our Slovakian hotel last year. We are by no means fussy eaters, I think all of us could count on one hand foods that we really don't like. So anyway we were served these grey (not a lie) lumpy, dinner plate size potato cakes (filled with a brown gravy and meat). OK, so they didn't look nice but we were willing to try them.....Ugh! they tasted of really strong garlic (you know it's strong when the garlic tastes sort of salty as well) and nothing else. So at every opportunity after that we were saying the word Garlic in a Peter Kay voice and cracking up laughing at our private joke. So getting back to the layout, this was a garlic moment captured as a goofy smile on the final phoneme of garlic.

So the layout......I like the title as it makes the viewer want to read the journalling as to why Garlic?

The Fancy Pants transparency, BG Aged and confused and Bo Bunny Xtreme Teen all worked together with Roberts bandanna and natural background. I used a Black Market tag for the journalling and my trusty Dymo label maker for 'a garlic moment'.

By the way sorry my posts are so long but all my layouts have a story attached to them, plus I just have a lot to say for myself. So if you do sit and read these.....thanks!

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