Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Ohhhh Roddy!

Just sharing some cards I made for my family. The first card is for my mum and dads wedding anniversary. I don't like cutting into my 12 x12 cardstock so mostly use 6x6 cardstock for these projects. I particularly liked this Ephemera image of Valentino sweeping some poor woman off her feet into a posed swoon (not quite the image of ma and pa, but suitable for this occasion). Then added some german scrap lace, their initials and some bindi bling.
The next card for my mum's birthday shows an image of mother and child. Added ribbon, flowers and buttons to finish. Both images I printed from the Tuscan Rose 'Can't get enough ephemera' collage CD. Some of the images on this CD are hysterical and I often make cards using it and then adding a suitable quote. On the lookout for a similar CD with more of a 50's era now.


  1. I am very lucky to have Alana as a friend.
    Every card that I have received from her I know has been made, will so much thought and care. All of them have been squirrel away in box waiting to be discovered again in years to come. When I know I will have the joy of looking at the again!!

  2. Ahhh shucks, thanks lovey 'that's her nickname', mines 'trouble', though i don't know why she calls me that! We have been through a lot together - and most of them were her fault.

  3. Hey lets not lay blame here! I have the brilliant ideas and you are the creative director in all our scrapes!! You can see from her scrap book pages the backgrounds and little touches all tell the story. I just think it’s so much nicer than an ordinary photo album. (As I'm being so nice can I hand over my 11 albums for your special treatment?)