Monday, 18 March 2013

Playing hooky...

I'm slowly plodding along with my crochet squares 'Uni Blanket'. I'm not always making two a day but I am trying my best to keep picking it up and having a go.

I have even taken it into work to try and get some done in my lunch break. But anyone who works in a school knows how little time you actually get to enjoy your lunch. It has sparked some interest in some of my colleagues though. You never know it may encourage a few to have a go themselves.

I chose colours that are more 'blokey' greens, blues, beige, grey, red and mauve. Sounds a bit random but being a Fair Isle yarn they do seem to be matching up in an 'earthy' type of way.

Better get on with it then...


  1. You'll be starting a crochet club soon. This is really gorgeous

  2. It's coming together - yay!!!!! :)

  3. Oooh am loving the look of this.
    C xx

  4. I love crochet blankets, Shame I can;t crichet