Monday, 4 March 2013

Love is....

.....being the glue that bonds the family.

Our children are now young adults and are full of angst, hormones and on the cusp of making big decisions. Your own parents and in laws are getting older and may need more care and help with their daily lives.

Whilst you try and be there for everyone the housework chores continue, washing machines break down and you still have a career to lead......even with a migraine.

Crafty free time is in short supply at thd moment but I'm hoping normal service will resume shortly....


  1. Life really throws it all at us sometimes and creativity is in short supply, but it does find itself back home :) hope everything is ok for you, remember to take some time out for you x

  2. a very pretty canvas Alana - hope you find some creative time soon x

  3. I hope that migraine has cleared up by now :) A good post to remind us that love lies in the ordinary everyday stuff. All day, every day