Monday, 22 October 2012

Splish, splosh, slash...

Just where does the weekend go?

My weekend consisted of washing, wallpaper/paint buying, a birthday tea with the family, housework, a pub lunch and the perusal of cycling safety equipment.

I suppose it is a varied list if not busy.

Although I did find some time to get into the craft room too. Finally, after many years of trying to get the teen to listen to my arty ideas (apparently I know nothing) he joined me to do a messy art journalling session.

Acrylic glaze, acrylic paint, texture paste and masking.
He is working hard to get an art portfolio ready for when he applies to university.  His current tutor advised having examples of mixed media or an array of media used.  So I suggested an art journalling journal.

Crackle glaze affect with tissue paper, stamping and cosmic shimmer inks.
It was so nice to work together, we painted, inked, sprayed, stamped, stuck and experimented with texture paste.

Distressing ink, sprays and stamps.
I tried to limit the damage in my craft room while trying not to be too anal about my craft equipment that was being discarded in dollops of paint and ink....I really did try.

Portrait of Rob....using everything in the craft room!
It's half term next week...hoorah! So I'm hoping to have another session with him soon but first I have to decorate a!


  1. Brilliant pages!I love the textures and different backgrounds and the self portrait is great!Fingers crossed!

  2. Fantastic pages Alana. I'm hoping to get some crafting done over half term too.
    C xx

  3. So cool! Being able to work together like that is just lovely.

  4. I love your art journalling Alana - especially the Dreams one.*Ü* I hope you don't mind me mentioning but the type - of your post, is rather difficult to read with it being almost the same colour as your background - which I love by the way. *Ü* TFS. ~Glen~

  5. Duh! It has changed colour since I typed my message! *Ü* ~G~

  6. Love love love your art journalling. :o)
    Sue x