Thursday, 25 October 2012

Shoe Shots

It doesn't matter how many crafty hobbies I try, I am always drawn back to Scrapbooking.  I just really miss it when I'm not creating a layout, or thinking up a story to tell.  

This week I was thinking about all the itouch photos I take.  I'm looking forward to updating to the new itouch generation 5 and the brilliant clear photos I will be able to take with the updated lens.  It's my main mode of photos at the moment.  I know the quality isn't so good with the one I have but the itouch is so convenient out and about and the apps to help enhance your images are fab.

Oops...forgot to rub out my pencil mark on the pink chevron.
So anyway....I was saying....I was thinking about all the random photos I take of my shoes.....I'm not sure why I take so many but it does seem to be an obsession.  Possibly it's because among with the 'eye shot', the 'shoe shot' sort of captures my personality through hats, shoes and eyes.  A million tales could be told through a pair of eyes...or a hat don't you think?

Denim, leggings and plimsolls feature strongly. 

Chevrons, stripes, arrows, hot pink and turquoise...what's not to love.
For example....Yes, I like shoes and hats....I think maybe you can tell that.  I don't wear heels as I fall over in them.  I'm just not made to walk dignified in sky high heels.  I'm clumsy, I'm a 'doer' (is that even a word?).  A pair of heels would just be dangerous and inappropriate for my lifestyle.  Hats! I like to be warm...I like wool....I like bright colours....My hair frizzes in damp weather.  Eyes....these eyes have seen a lot of sadness this year....I can also stop a naughty child in it's tracks by a raised eyebrow (in a 'really, should you be doing that' type of way).  Actually I can only do a two eyebrow attack, my friend at school can do the one eyebrow attack and it's a lot more scary.

I always forget how I love this Banana Frog alpha stamp....until the next time I use it.
Note to self...must stop wearing my black plimsolls (but they are so comfy) and practice my eyebrow raising:)


  1. Great layout Alana, I think you should do a hat one too. The stamped title looks really eyecatching. I've got a Banana Frog alpha that I love too - so useful.

  2. It's a really great page - and I love your observation about how your shoes show off your personality. My feet are small and I find it hard to get shoes to fit, so I think I use necklaces and scarves the same way. Thanks for getting me thinking about that

  3. Fab page - I always wanted some of those BIG brassy rock boots but I know i would just look daft in them being short and round :)

  4. Me too, Sue!

    A fab page there, Alana.

    Sue x

  5. Love the page! Great subject matter, I think I need to do a layout about my skirts - I have A LOT of skirts! That alpha stamp set is very fun! x

  6. Is that the same eyebrow raise that we do with our men...???!!! ;-D