Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Simple things...

I'm so sorry for my luck lustre blogging performance of late, life just seems so exhausting.  After weeks of juggling work, home duties and horrible, horrible sinus pain.

If it wasn't for the fact that on Thursday the craft club I was hosting was due to start, quite fankly I'm not sure I would of made it into work that day.

But it's amazing how a little bit of fun, sticking, cutting and glittering with a bunch of Year 2's can lift your spirits.  Especially when you have to test your wand and fairy hat out in the playground to see if they work.

I was turned into a horse, princess, troll, tree and a sticker! (wasn't sure how to act a sticker so gave up and turned the kids into frogs instead).

  I'm glad to say that the sinus pain has eased and I feel more 'normal' this week.  

I have been pottering around the craft room of late, mostly playing with new stuff using paint and crackle glaze.  So not much to show you all.  Except for this layout inspired by 'The Simple Things' magazine.

My 'simple things' include:

A mag and a brew.
Autumn leaves.
Dewy cobwebs.
A cycle ride.
Clean sheets.
A seat with a view.
Reading in bed.
Washing drying outside.
Baking a cake.
Laughing out loud. (to which I do have a bit of a guffaw type laugh)

It's good to remember the simple things in life, those little moments that give you pleasure, however small they may be.  


  1. Yes, yes, yes and yes..what a great list! It's a beautiful magazine isn't it? Something very scrapbook-erly about it I think.

    I'm very pleased to hear that the sinus is easing. Sinus stinks.

  2. Your scrapping is gorgeous!
    Sue x

  3. Beautiful - love the stripy background Alana and then the negative die cut and soft colours...glad you are having fun as a fairy...I normally have to play catch or hide and seek...tho yesterday I had a new pet dog and before that I had a major arm injury that had to be bandaged with several doctors helping me :D

  4. i really like this page.It's so true-enjoy the simple things.Have to say I love washing drying outside too!