Sunday, 12 February 2012

Three Things

Just three things I am aiming for this year.
Three little achievements.
Three goals.

I have dozens of alpha packs but still I run out of E's or don't have the right colour.  These are Thickers, promarkered and glimmer misted.

..So I used a masking method.
Call them what you will but they are not resolutions...uh uh, don't believe in then.  Resolutions are what you never seem to achieve, are set to break, then make you feel bad when you fail.

A cut up John Lewis value tape measure, bottle tops and glimmered tag.

So my three things...

  1. Loose a few pounds in weight. 
An achievement that I will find hard as I have never dieted before and love my food. I grew up as a skinny child, my mum cooked great traditional hearty food.  I got married and left home, had my own family, put on a few extra pounds during pregnancy (3 stone...eek) but lost it again after the birth.  But since I have got over forty the pounds have been adding on slowly.  If I don't loose some weight I need to go up a dress size and that ain't happening. No sir.  So loose weight it is.  I have the new digital scales (as my eyes are older too and I cant see the little lines), I have the slimming app (myfitnesspal), the power walking partner (Nigel bless him) and the determination.

2. Learn to crochet

I have tried to learn a few times, my mum has shown me, I have some books but I never seem to be able to make anything half decent.  I have a couple of techniques in mind that i want to master.  The ripple, granny squares and flowers.  I have made a start and got a book with diagrams (remember that I don't do instructions) and managed a few basic stitches.  I thought I had achieved the ripple but found out it was a zigzag in disguise. But it's going well.

3. Sell some items at a craft fair.

I would really like to have a little business going but don't like to craft to a deadline date.  It takes all the fun out of it.  This idea is still a work in progress but I'm thinking of maybe a Christmas fair with a friend.

So there you are, my goals, my aims my hopes for the year.  And you know what?  If I don't achieve them, it really doesn't matter as they are not resolutions but just three things to aim for.


  1. lovely page and nice goals- good luck with them:)

  2. Well the very best of luck with the three of them. You can do it!

  3. Great layout!I really love the colours.I'm with you on no 1 and no 3 but I'm lucky enough to be able to crochet already!

  4. Lovely layout and best of luck with your goals.

  5. Don't forget I'm cheering you on, maybe you could crochet some Pom poms for me lol.

  6. Hopes sound much more positive than 'resolutions' - wishing you luck with all three and we will all be supporting you!

  7. I share all three with you :)