Wednesday, 12 October 2011

A right pair...

Laundry done....check
Housework done...check
Various appointments made...check
Autumn clothing ready...check
Cold clearing...improvement but still lingering
Energy levels restored...nope
Teen nagging commenced...check

So after my simply spiffing if not exhausting week away I thought it was about time I did some scrapbooking.  I love these photos of my friend Jackie and I, a self portrait taken in Devon.  It was our first trip away together (we have been separated by two corridors, a hall and a dining room that divides key stage 1 with key stage 2 for the past....ooh...mumble years) I'm sure after working together when we were first employed at our school we have been parted due to either a. bad behaviour or b. we have too much fun together.

The sentiment card is from Jellibean Soup and paper from Prima.  The white piece of card is just to cover  the name of where we went for this photo.

Anyway, back to the layout.  We are a right odd couple, so completely different except for one two.  We love our jobs and love having fun.  I have to say that without Jackie I certainly wouldn't be involved in so many fun activities.  She encourages my naughty side.  Needless to say we never stopped laughing when we were away. 

A little spritz of cosmic and glimmer sprays...

The photos show us looking rough and ready for action.  You don't have anytime at all for yourself when you are away with 46 children and are on call 24/7 and sleep in a hostel style bunk bed.  Hence the blotchy eyed, non makeup, hat covers all sins, cosy hoodie look.  Sometimes we looked when we got stuck in the river bank mud after kayaking and ended up crawling up the bank on our hands and knees.  Don't worry, we got hosed down by the instructor with cold water....thanks for that matey.

Couldn't resist this line in my journaling...I have lost count of how many times I have heard it:)

And we were still laughing;)


  1. What a lovely friendship and you've done it justice in the LO. So many lovely details, love the layering and the pear accents, not to mention the madness sentiment!

  2. Gorgeous layout! Are you sure that your naughty side needs much encouragement?

  3. Fantastic page - I love the splattering, the cardboard and string :)

  4. I love the layout.It's a great reflection of what looks like a fab friendship!Love the photo.

  5. oh wow love all the paint splatters and the corrugated card.......a great layout Alana.

  6. How rotten are the 'powers that be' to separate you two... *lol*
    Gorgeous layout - love the heading, and the coloirs... but most of all I so love those photographs :)

  7. Love the humour, handwriting and little pears. Super fun layout!

  8. Love the layout, it's fantastic.

  9. Great layout, loving the kraft. I have to say you do look like you could be up to no good ;)

  10. what a perfectly fun, friendly and slightly cheeky LO!