Saturday, 15 October 2011

My week in pictures

Not much doing this week apart from blowing my nose and coughing:( Took a trip to the Tate Modern, great to see some of the more famous pieces in the flesh so to speak ...... Still can't get my head around some of the more abstract stuff. I mean, two wooden chairs stacked together with two small balls hanging off it???? What's that about? Although I don't mind Pablo Picasso I couldn't find the bowl of fruit in his painting when it clearly said that was part of the title. Give me Monets Waterlillies any time, so clever. Loved the pop art also. Some of Andy Warhols screenprints are massive.


  1. I love these collages. You can say a lot without any words.

  2. The question has to be asked, considering this is modern art we're talking about here... So, whose balls were hangig off a couple of chairs?
    Sorry, had to be done :)