Monday, 17 October 2011


OK, OK, I know I always seem to be inspired by something new.  Last month it was sewing and cross stitch.  I haven't picked up a needle since I blogged about it.  The cross stitch I still have good intentions to do but it is the lack of time (as always) that has stopped me from really getting on with it and residential school trips, snotty noses and a general feeling of tiredness that is known in the educational circles as the 'end of term feeling'....except it is only half term.

So what am I inspired by this week.....

The creative License by Danny Gregory

I bought it to inspire the teen to practise his drawing but I haven't put it down for him to read it yet...

I love his style of drawing...

Lots of ideas to get you journaling and drawing...

Drawing everyday items...

  I tried Art Journaling once, not sure why but it wasn't for me.  Maybe because of the time issue, maybe lack of ideas or maybe it was the preparation of the backgrounds.  But this style is simple and quick.  All you need is a black pen and a sketch book.  Take 5 or 10 minutes a day to draw an everyday object, add journaling if you want, colour if you wish....or leave it as it is.
Here's me first effort.

Without colour...

With watercolour pencils...

It took 10mins to really! No lead pencil or rubber allowed, the first stroke is the hardest.  It's not perfect but I think that is the beauty. I am really going to try hard to  fit this in each day, taking my sketchbook with me on the bus, to work or do it while eating breakfast.

I'll let you know how I get on.


  1. wow Alana, this is great! I like it with a colour injection!

  2. This is lovely! And a great idead... I may just have to have a go myself. :)

  3. Your drawing is fantastic and I love it with the colour. The book looks great. TFS

  4. I too find the prospect of starting an art journal daunting. This is a great way to get into this kind of art form. You have inspired me now...thanks :)

  5. lol. love it. Great drawing and can certainly relate to the journaling!

  6. Alana, that's fantastic! Someone recommended that book to me a while back when I was moaning about not being able to draw. It looks like it would be worth a browse. It would have to work miracles, mind..

  7. That is an amazing drawing, not only that you made ironing look interesting, I think I need a copy of that book.
    C xx

  8. fantastic drawing :) the book looks very interesting :)

  9. I love it! What a fantastic idea and inspiration.

  10. What great drawing - and looks like a beautiful book to dip in and out of...and I love the autumnal leaves on your blog, it is really warm when you open it up :)

  11. Long time fan of Danny Gregory here - Everyday Matters started me off illustrating my life. Love your drawing, your style is fab, wish I was brave enough to add colour, maybe soon.