Wednesday, 13 July 2011


Wishing I was somewhere else.....where there are beautiful mountains, peaceful rambles, yummy cakes and chilled local beer.....

Wishing I was in Slovenia.

Eleven working days and counting to the end of's been a long one and my to do list is growing longer and longer.  Why does my teacher keep adding to it?  Does she not know we only have eleven days left?  We meet our new class tomorrow, paperwork to file, storage rooms to tidy and sort, resources to stock check, data to input, display boards to change and a showdown with a sewing machine....last time the machine won!

No energy or time to craft......

Wishing I was in Slovenia......sigh.


  1. beautiful photo-no wonder you want to be there!

  2. I would spend the next few days making plans for what you will do on your holidays - it will get you through the end of term - it works for me :)