Friday, 29 July 2011

Say Cheese

Hoorah! I survived to the end of term.

Now I have caught up on a few chores I found time to actually do some scrapbooking.

In this house we are all interested in Comic Books, Manga and Anime so a few weeks ago we visited the Film and Comic Con held at Earls Court.  On the way home I tried to get some photos (and wanted to play with the histamatic app) of Rob and Nigel.  Both weren't playing ball and proceeded to be silly to try to avoid the camera.  But I scrapped the photos anyway.

Again, a fairly graphic, minimal page but with a total of six photo's on the page it was never going to have lots of details.

Another page is on it's way with some of the weird and wonderful sights you encounter at Comic Con (and sometimes scary)....Btw my favourite comic character is Powergirl, she rocks!


  1. Very cool design for getting lots of photos on a page AND plenty of space for journaling too. I like it!

  2. Ha Ha - Mine are the same or they scowl! Great Layout

  3. lol. love the photos. great layout to capture the difficuilties of getting a good photo!

  4. Fantastic page. I love how this shows so much of their personalities :)

  5. Made me reallly smile, I really like the White journaling

  6. That's great - I did something similar with some pics of my two youngest, and it's one of my favourite pages!
    Helen S

  7. Great way to use the photos. Page makes me smile!

  8. Great layout, the photos really draw your eye, I'm a huge fan of multiple photos on layouts.