Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Li'l Monkey

Well I have started my list of things to do in these Easter Holidays and I feel very chuffed with myself.

  • Garden shrubs butchered
  • Windows washed
  • Son's bedroom decorated
  • New stash played with
Not bad considering it's only Wednesday, though I did get some help from my lovely hubby.

But I look forward to the school holidays mostly because I have more time to play with my stash and do something creative.  This layout has been in my thoughts for a while, the photo is one I found while looking through old photos at my mums earlier this year.  One of the Monkey's is fake while, two are wouldn't be allowed now (and rightly so) but it must of been de-rigour of the British seaside in the seventies as I have seen and heard about similar photo's.  One such photo can be seen here on the lovely Sian's Blog.

As usual I have used bright colours, some even clash but I like clashing colours.  I think it works.  I hope I spelt the shortening of Little OK, let me know if I haven't but as usual I ran out of letters....t's this time. 

I will be back with more clashing colours soon.


  1. Oh, wow! You really do have a photo just like mine :) I think mine was taken either in Bristol Zoo or Longleat. Your bright colours really do set off the black and white photo perfectly. I love it.

  2. Love the colours! The photo is cool, one for the history books alright! No idea on Lil - sorry, but it looks good to me! K x

  3. I love the colour combination and they look great with your photo. I looked for you on Sunday but sadly didn't see you did you have fun?

  4. gorgeous layout, loving the colours and all your doodling :)

  5. Clash or not they look great together, fab LO.
    jenny x

  6. Ooh - that's great Alana! Love the colours and the photo is so cute.

  7. Gorgeous layout, enjoy the Easter hols.

  8. You've certainly been a busy bee! Love the LO too - so eye-catching! The clashing colours do work in this instance. :D