Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Short and Sweet

Short and sweet eh?  Well you know me I do like to waffle so it doesn't mean this post.  The post title is from a girly layout all about my short hair as a toddler.  Recently I had a look through some of my mum's photo's and found these great photo's of me rocking a pixie cut.  When I asked my mum why she had my hair cut so short she replied that it just hadn't grown and didn't do so until I was three. 

 Made up for it now though, if it's not tamed with serums and conditioners I resemble a 70's children cartoon character called Crystal tips....remember that, she was groovy in a mad hair sort of way.  I did in fact ask to get my hair chopped short when I was 5 and my mum let me....what was she thinking?  Anyway apparently I liked it until every time I visited my Grandad he asked who the little boy was. 

You would of thought this would teach me a lesson, but no.  In the early 80's I had another crop a-la New Romantic, swished over look.  Keep checking in and you may see an appearance of that look.  Every so often I long to have my whole wild bird nest of hair cropped off, but apart from being a little scared, I don't think Nigel would talk to me again.  (although we did get engaged when I had said New Romantic look).

I just want to reminisce for a moment longer with you all  I love how girly and happy I look in the first photo, clutching my bag of popcorn while at Butlins.  There's my mum, wasn't she clever to get just the right shade of pink dress for me (us redheads have to be careful of pink).  Then the next photo on the left I am in my parent's back garden, they still live there and the three popular trees are still there.  My in-laws now live in a bungalow behind those trees and like to pop over to see my mum and dad.  See the groovy skirt I had on, it was groovy because it had a gold chain belt (so up to the minute).  Then we go down to the bottom left photo.  Look at me trying to climb the fence to stroke the pretty fawn....I still love nature and animals.  Then we have the first (and only) topless photo of me.  I certainly look like a little boy there.  

 Cricket, Paperchase stickers, Basic Grey sticker alphas and some sparkly brads where used in the layout.  I made a couple of windmills in the same Cosmo Cricket paper to enhance the childhood memories.

So thanks for indulging me and reading about my memories, if you have a bag of photo's like me and my mum....go on scrap them and release all those treasured moments.


  1. Lovely, the square frame sets off the photos. You're bringing back too many "young" memories lol! New Romantics eh!

  2. oh what a super set of photos :0)
    i'm all for documenting childhood memories...and i think you've done a lovely job here.
    maybe you might like to print out this blog post and stick it on the back...i do that sometimes when i've waxed lyrical about an old memory on my blog!

  3. Lovely memories. I love to scrap old photos too. If it's any consolation I didn't have much hair either when I was little.......and I do remember Crystal Tips :)

  4. Alana I love this layout. I got those pixielicious papers in a kit and wasn't sure if I liked them till I saw your layout. Hmmmm must get my thinking cap on for a layout now

  5. Some great memories scrapped there! I had short, non-growing hair until about three as well and if it wasn't for all the dresses, I was mistaken for a boy too! LOL

  6. Great LO. Unfortunately, I am old enough to remember Crystal Tips..........:-) but only just! S x

  7. Lovely layout, and I loved reading your comments about hairstyles, I've had some wild and wonderful ones in my time too, that definitely won't be gracing any LOs!

  8. You know I love this kind of post! A great alyout, a story to go with it, a hint of the 80's..perfect!