Monday, 10 January 2011

Create Things

Do you ever have that moment when you have the urge to create something wonderful, sit down at your desk or table and then think....'Hmmm, what can I make?'.  I have these moments quite regularly.

Quite often I want to print some photos for a scrapbook layout or pursue some blogs for a bit of inspiration.  This is usually when I find that the Teen is on the laptop, laughing himself silly at some banal clip on You Tube.  Any thoughts of printing or browsing is then immediately lost unless you have the energy for 'The battle of the the laptop'.

So, this creative moment had loomed last week and I was wondering what to do when I unwrapped a canvas that I had brought long ago.  I began to paint and stamp, punch and stick, sand and smear, to create a decorative canvas, with the simple message of ..............

'Create Things'

Go on....Create!


  1. so so scrummy ... just loving this.

  2. Wow, the muse certainly reached you with this one, didn't it? Fantastic.

  3. What a lovely canvas such a gorgeous colour. Sometimes it's best just to 'do' rather than think too much and I'm easily distracted so I'd best go and 'do' :)

  4. Ooh that's lovely Alana. Really like those butterflies. Are they a punch or big shot?

  5. What a gorgeous piece! I wish I had your bouts of creativity!

  6. The butterflies are a Martha Stewart punch, Ally. Just love butterflies!