Saturday, 11 December 2010

Holly, Holly, Holly......

It's time for Christmas Club Story No3. 

Each year I make a christmas garland for the front door.  Each year we wander the local woods and hedgerows in our quest for holly with berries.  Each year we return back from long wintery walks from the woods to usually discover that there is no holly with berries this year and cut laurel and ivy instead from the playing field hedgerow (that is only around the corner from us).

Why do we do this every year?  It's tradition isn't it.  But this year.....

Look what I found.......



  1. I've noticed holly trees round here have berries this year too - I guess this cold weather is good for something after all!

  2. Well done, though it sounds like we are in for a bad winter then.....gorgeous wreath too :)

  3. This is just lovely! Your writing and your wreath in equal measure :) It's a perfect Christmas Club story.Thank you!

  4. Ooo..I love everything about this wreath Alana...from the little story of your walks to the nostalgic tradition of making it every year! *Sigh*...I am such a sentimental, nostalgic girl at heart! *Ü* TFS. ~Glen~