Friday, 13 August 2010

Sleek and Smooth

So here I am looking all sleek and smooth after a visit by my hairdresser.  In real life I am a curly girl who roughly resembles a character from the old cartoon series 'The Hair Bear Bunch'. In the series I recall a bunch of bears working a 70's disco look, complete with frizzy BIG Afros.  OK so I don't sport an Afro (though I did once wear a red Afro for comic relief day, but it didn't suit me) and although I do like some 70's music I have never worn flares!  But my hair is BIG, curly and unruly.  Unfortunately I don't possess the patience to blow dry and straighten my hair, so the only time I look like this is after a hairdresser visit.  You can click on the photo to enlarge it for a better look.

The layout featuring my gorgeous locks was inspired by the Chicken Soup Challenge Blog, for their week 6 challenge here.  A pink, scalloped layout with heat embossed swirls and lettering and a little pink ribbon....very girly for the curly girl.


  1. such a great photo and LO...and your hair really does look so smooth its hard to imagine it *wild* ;0)

  2. Love the photo and layout you sleek chic you

  3. LOL Sleek Chic! That could be a great title too! I envy you though as my hair is dead straight and I've always wanted curly hair! Pretty LO too - love the pink and green combo.