Thursday, 7 January 2010

My Crafting Space!

Well here it is! Your impressed aren't you? This is why we no longer have our dinner on the dinning room table (which is in the living room if that makes sense). I took this today after a crafting session, note the absence of clearing the table before use...old Christmas cards, candles, hubby's book. Hmm I'm not a tidy crafter, my cutting mat space gets smaller and smaller as everything gets pulled out and discarded. But I do clear up when I have finished..sometimes it's the same week!
Now have a really good look. Notice the Inghams holiday leaflet, that was handy to put over the top of some glittery alphas when I had to lean on them to write the journalling on the Lo. Fluffy paintbrushes, one to paint gesso onto chipboard another to wipe off said glitter from photo. Back of the table my envelope for my receipts, bus tickets for Shimelles 2010 document challenge.

Now because you haven't fallen down in horror at the sight of my crafting area I am going to show you my storage area.....are you ready.....I would sit down if I was you.................
I will show you tomorrow, I don't want you to have too much excitement in one day!


  1. Ooh. Can't wait to see it!
    Your crafting area is a real work in progress place. I'm not a tidy crafter either. But then...who is?!!!!
    Love it

  2. Ahh thanks, I am trying to fit a desk in somewhere, my dreams...sigh

  3. I love to see other crafters work spaces! Looking forward to seeing the rest