Thursday, 28 January 2010

And then I made this....

Making a mini-book from scratch is a first for me and actually only my second mini-book ever! I don't know why this is because I like mini-books but it may be due to the fact that I like things to match and never have lots of one type of paper. So having my set of American Crafts papers put a stop to that though at first I didn't think the colours would work with the snow pictures...oh yes I forgot to say it's a snow book. I always take photo's of the snow but never seem to do much with them so thought this would be a perfect way to document the bad weather of December and January.

Because of the photo of my colourful wellies (which incidentally have to be replaced now because they sprang a leak) and my eye shot with the bright pink hat, the colours went well and I could add lots of pink jounalling spots cut with my big shot.

I didn't have any cardboard in the house so raided the cereal packets. Don't you hate it when the ready brek is all static and clings to everything (oh the burdens of being a crafter). Then cut and chomped with my corner chomper.

So I am quite pleased with the end result....feel it is quite plain but it seems that my projects are going this way at the moment.....maybe that's my style after all, when all along I thought I was a shabby chic girl!


  1. I really love your book, the photos are fab,a real winter wonderland.

  2. Ooh it's lovely!
    Sometimes less is more and I really like the minimal look (journalling spots look good cut on the bigshot - shame about the price tho huh?)

  3. Fantastic mini book, you have done the papers justice. I love the wellies, shame they had to be replaced.

  4. Don't worry Janie, I have my eye on some just as good!....Yes Ally, the Bigshot made some nice journalling spots. It looks nice on my DESK.

  5. Great photos and a cute book.

  6. *lol* @ cereal packets :D
    Love this book, and your handwriting is beautiful!