Saturday, 30 May 2009

A & J

As I often say to my friend Jackie, 'We have been through a lot together.....and most of it was your fault! I love this quote and sums up our friendship really. Jackie has some big ideas that usually involve a)Dressing up, b)Props, c)Entertainment and d)Me! I don't really know how it happens but one minute I'm just doing my regular job as a Teaching Assistant then before I know it I've agreed to be a fairy (with wings), on stage, in front of the whole junior school disappearing from a magic box. See what I mean? How does it happen? I don't know but it does liven up my (sometimes stressful) day. Anyway this layout features us both with our Christmas regalia on and tells of our penchant for wearing Christmas accessories and the weird but wonderful game Jackie had organised that day of us pretending to be Santa's Sleighs, Christmas Trees etc (don't ask) All I can say is that the children think we are weird, the staff think we are mad and sometimes my job doesn't seem like work.....with thanks to my special friend.


  1. Hang on just one darn minute!
    I am only the tool used to help unleash your
    inner quirky personality. It’s my vocation
    to help you expand on your life experiences.
    It does help that you’re as soft hearted as a jam doughnut
    and a truly good friend. School can sometimes be hard
    for both children and staff and it’s my firm belief that
    it’s important to laugh and have fun. So my next idea
    Alana is you, me pom poms …………

  2. Well in the end it wasn't my idea but yours!! Poor Robert what must he think of his mum. As she and I rolled around in sumo suits at the school fair. Its was for a good cause she said as we tip toe, dancing growling as we faced up to each other. But you were right it was great fun seeing you wriggling and gasping for breath and me light-footed and all powerful. Thanks Mate anytime you want a re match I’m all yours!!!