Thursday, 7 May 2009

Get them when their scared!

Yeah OK, I get the cruel mum of the year award. But just look at the terror in that little face. Yes this little boy was forced onto the chairlift in Slovenia two years ago in an attempt to allay his fear of them. Well he did say he wasn't going to like it and well.....he still doesn't. Because of his fears there's loads of walks we are missing out on. So this year, SURPRISE!, we are going to try and get him back on it. (I think I will keep this to myself until a)He reads this or b)On the day of our holiday we tell him. Somehow I don't think it's going to happen. All those views begging to be seen as well.........sigh.

Anyhow back to the layout. I Used all Anna Griffin products except the rub on alpha's and the sentiment. I like it, especially as a two photo layout I sometimes difficult to work with.

By the way, you do know that you can click onto the photo's for a closer look don't you. Good glad you did!

Well scrapping calls, I've got some great photo's of London sights that I'm itching to scrap that I took at the weekend.

See ya for now.

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