Friday, 25 March 2011

Simple Pleasures


This week I am enjoying:
  • Sunny days
  • Wind blown washing
  • Spring flowers
  • Power walking wearing my MP3, listening to 'Running Trax' 2
  • Lighter layers of clothing
  • Chocolate cupcakes
I am not enjoying:
  • A doctors visit
  • DS's English coursework (or lack of it)
  • Missing Zumba class as felt too poorly after Dr's visit.
  • Weekend weather forecast (getting cold again)
Hmmm, different for me eh?  Sharing a slice of my little old life.  Thanks Sian.

So I can't leave you all without a crafty something so here's two Mothers Day cards for next week.  One for my Mum and one for my Mother in law.  Two mums who both deserve some love and special wishes sent to them.  My Mother-in-law has battled breast cancer this year and at this point in time has won.  I'm proud of my Mum who has become stronger and more independent since my Dad's ill health a number of years ago. 

I used a Lilli of the Valley stamp, promarkered, stickles, die cut tags and frayed lace.

Hope you enjoy your own simple pleasures today.


  1. cute cards! The 'mums' will love it xxx

  2. Gorgeous cards, I really should get my Mother's Day cards made.

  3. Lovely cards, I like how you've shaded around the image on the tag x

  4. it really is the simple things that make life a pleasure, isn't it. That and those gorgeous cards :)

  5. Lovely cards.

  6. Brilliant! I love that little window into your world - great reading x

  7. Fab card, love the use of the tag :)

  8. I like your enjoying and not enjoying list. The cards are very cute too.

  9. great card! I love your coloring!