Monday, 27 September 2010

This is the day.....

This is the day I shouldn't of tried to make this layout.  When the idea popped into my head to make a layout about a particularly disastrous day trip I thought what  a good story it would be to tell.

It all started when Nigel wanted to go to the British Museum to look at some Celtic Art that he had seen on a TV programme.  Now I could be here all day explaining the whole days events and no doubt you would get bored and fall asleep.  So here's the edited highlights:

  • Missed buses and trains
  • Rescheduled trains and underground routes due to maintenance work.
  • Evacuated from British Museum due to gas leak scare.
  • Took two hours to get home when usually it takes 20 minutes.
Yeah, and then it rained when we walked home as buses are non existent after six in the evening in our town and got drenched. 

And the layout.......I smudged ink (made a feature of it in the end), got glue stuck on Nigel's face(had visions of me squidging glue in his face when I wrote that but I meant on the photo), Got bits of fluff stuck on embossed letter so disguised it with more ink, had to trim the photo border (which I like to keep) as drew on it and it looked pants and generally I wasn't feeling the love from this layout.....still don't like it.  But it's still a good story.


  1. I love that you did a layout of it though :) ... it's what scrapping is all about - your life! By the way ... I like the layout :)

  2. Oh dear! Definitely a good story to tell though! Maybe you should do another LO detailing BOTH the stories of the horror outing AND LO? LOL

  3. It's a great story! I love the way you got a bit of that London OA paper in too. Excellent!

  4. oh what a story. great lo though :)

  5. A great story to tell on a LO - complete sympathies as I too have days like that (one I narrowly avoided was when the fire alarm went of in the marble arch M and S (specially gone into town) on the 1st day of the sales and we all had to evactuate - so glad we had bought all our shopping, but only with moments to spare!!)