Wednesday, 23 December 2009

New Craft

After many attempts by my mother to teach me to crochet, I am finally on my way. Admittedly I'm a bit slow at it and quite often forget which stitch I'm doing or how to do it but I'm getting there. I can do double crochet and treble crochet but beyond that I'm struggling at the moment. I'm more of a 'show me' to learn type of girl and those crochet patterns are really not help full! The Attic 24 blog is really cool if you are interested in trying dream that my efforts may look like hers one day). But in the mean time I'm practising squares to make a blanket......or maybe a scarf as it's taken two weeks to make three squares! Whatever it turns out to be it's a sort of Neapolitan Ice-cream crochet, check out these lush colours!


  1. Well done...doesn't matter if you are a bit slow at it, speed will come with practice. Enjoy your new craft.

    Toni :o)

  2. Crochet is highly addictive. My mum has taught me and I have now got the hang of it, but at first I was bugging her every 5 minutes because I had managed to go worng. Your squares look fab.

  3. oooh go you...i'm really struggling to learn crochet atm...i can't manage a square at all without having a panic attack!! lol