Friday, 20 July 2012

...and relax.

Phew! I made it to the end of term, boy I need a break.  I'm looking forward to lots of this...

Plenty of this...

and a little of this...

Oh, I'm so looking forward to get stuck into some serious crafting.

I have been enjoying getting messy with paints and sprays recently.  The middle photo shows a canvas that is a work in progress.  It currently looks quite different from this.  I'm not sure where I am going with it as I do tend to just start and add splashes of paint etc randomly as I go.  Using different ideas I have seen in magazines or on line.

I also have these mini canvases on the go.  I used the same idea of covering them as the 'take flight' post I previously posted.

I started by covering the canvas in Gesso to give a good base for the sprays.  Then I sprayed three different Cosmic Shimmer Sprays on a craft mat and sprayed with water...

Then I dipped and dabbed the canvas side down into the spray...

I did this a few times, dabbing with kitchen roll when a more subtle effect was needed.  Leave to dry between applications or use a heat gun if you are impatient... 

Stamp black script, butterflies, a quote and add butchers string...

It looks like the weather forecast will be good tomorrow and Sunday....sun is on it's way....yay!  I may finally get to wear my 'cupcake dress'.  I'm off to buy some new watercolour pencils this weekend.  I want some good quality, soft leaded pencils that blend easily....any suggestions?

Whatever you are doing this weekend, enjoy!


  1. love the canvases Alana, I have quite a few hiding in my craft room, I think I will have to take them out and give your ideas a go, thanks :)

  2. the last day of school is a lovely feeling! Enjoy the summer holis. Lovely canvas x

  3. Love the colours and the butterflies :)

    Cupcakes look yummy!

  4. The mini canvases look great :)