Monday, 27 June 2011

Five things

Five things I liked last week.....

  • Power walking
  • Zumba class
  • Ab crunching
  • Glastonbury on the beeb
  • My itouch
  • Downloading apps and music.
  • The primary school district athletics meet
  • Demonstrating batik to my class

Five Things I disliked last week.....

  • The hot weather
  • Sinus headache from the hot weather and high pollen count.
  • The cricket tournament being cancelled because of the rain.
  • The teen eating all the Granola.
  • My dad getting badly bruised falling off a ladder (damned proud pensioners not asking for help)
  • No crafting
So there you go...that was my week.  I'm now hoping it is not too hot (or wet) for the on-road cycling course I'm holding next week.....fingers crossed x.


  1. Ok I'm not with you Im afraid, I love the hot weather and wanting more lol.

  2. So, it was good, and it was bad! I hope your Dad is feeling better now (and that your head is brighter too)

  3. mmmm...who knows what the weather will do? It sounds like you had an active week. Good luck with your cycling course.

  4. busy week. Hope your dad is okay now x