Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Christmas Club......How did that happen?

We all have a favourite Christmas memory or story don't we?  Sian over on her blog 'High in the Sky' has been encouraging everyone to share theirs.  Sian has a friend who somehow encouraged her to dress as an Elf!  By Sian's description of her friend  I have one just like that as well!

Picture the scene.......'Can you help me put on a little Christmas magic show for my infant class' .......two weeks later after many hours of making props and practising our routine, there I am standing on stage, in front of the whole school (including the teachers), dressed as a fairy (Holly Berry) climbing into our handmade cardboard vanishing cabinet while Jackie (Mary Christmas), dressed as Mrs Christmas is about to magic me away.  I disappear (I can't tell you how as it's a secret) and our school caretaker appears in my place.  Ha! that even surprised the cynical Year 6's. 

 I managed to return to continue our show that included toy rabbits from hats, a teaching assistant choreographed dance and a 'I'm a teacher get me out of here' bush tucker trail (retrieving a plastic reindeer in a plate of jelly and cream  without using your hands, and donut on a string eating)


Jackie happened, that's what!

Now do you want to hear the story about the time we organised the 'Gunge the Teacher' at the summer fair and got a bit out of hand?.......or the time we were rap stars and I slipped and had to steady myself by grabbing the Headteachers leg?  But they aren't Christmas stories so you will have to wait for another time to hear them.


  1. Hi Alana ~ Thank you for the sweet comment you left on my blog. Your Christmas Club contribution is so cute - everyone needs that kind of friend who pushes you to have some crazy fun once in a while! Happy Holidays!!! xo

  2. Hahaha! This is brilliant! I absolutely love it ..and the pictures it is conjuring up in my mind :) Thank you so much for this and giving me a laugh this afternoon

  3. Thanks for the comment on my blog Alana. And your story is so cute and fun! At least you get to be a little crazy at your workplace!