Sunday, 20 June 2010

It's not thin or red!

I'm normally the sort of person who jumps in with two feet and then lives to regret it. So when my quest for a new camera started I did a bit of research. The whole point of getting a new camera was because mine was just too heavy and bulky to carry around with me. My Minolta was a fantastic camera otherwise, It took beautiful clear shots, had a macro mode, a continuous shooting mode and lots of other modes I never used, even manual but sometimes I left it at home because it was just too big.

I didn't want to compromise with the quality but had a limited budget, so after browsing the Argos special offer magazine, I really needed to see the cameras in the flesh and just find out a little more information about them.

So off I went to Currys this morning....couldn't find one camera that Argos had in their sale but they did have a lovely little red Samsung (have I told you red is one of my favourite colours) with all the modes and spec. I wanted. But hang on there....I wasn't going to get all impulsive this time, I wasn't going to get disappointed, I really should check out the range in Argos first.

Hubby and I looked (you can't touch in Argos), at the ones I was interested in.......we would go back to Currys and get the one I had just seen. When we got back another customer was looking at the same camera, so I quickly asked an assistant to check if they had stock of it. Ha! I would get the last one. No, the last one had just been sold....they had a black one though. But I didn't want boring black, this camera was going to be special to me, I would gaze at it and even stroke it occasionally....I wanted red! So back to Argos. I would get another Samsung, it was red, it was a higher spec, it was reduced! But did it have all the modes I wanted? It must have? It was a higher spec, surely it would? So we got it.

I got outside and opened the was.....not quite what I expected. " It's pink and fat!", "It's cherry red" Nigel corrected, " And it's slimmer than your old camera". I still didn't know if it had a continuous shooting mode, the manual was just a quick start manual, it didn't say. "Well if you aren't happy with it, take it back" Nigel suggested. While I hummed and oohed Nigel checked the receipt " Oh you can't, it's exempt from the 30 day back guarantee" Well I could of fact a little tear did squeeze out in frustration. "But I want a thin, red one with the modes that I know I will use, not a fat pink thing, I can't afford to throw money away, why does it always happen to me?" I hadn't been rash this time, I had waited and checked and been sensible. Bah to sensible!

So all they way home, I convinced myself it would be all ok,........It is a cherry red, it's much smaller than my old camera and it must have a continuous shooting mode, I repeated over and over to an understanding Nigel, who very nicely agreed with me (for once).

And do you know, it is ok. It is a fantastic little camera, all the modes I could wish for, pretty and slim and almost red! (just like me in fact).


  1. Phew! Glad it all worked out in the end! I think I'm going to put a new camera on my christmas list. I sneakily use my class one at the mo!

  2. Personally I think it's just FABULOUS :) oohh can't wait to see the shots this super duper new camera will come out of it. And now, being a "pink" girl - I would have to say ... your camera is red not pink LOL xx

  3. LOL what a great post! Have fun with your new (nearly red) camera!

  4. Sorry to hear that the camera wasn't exactly what you wanted initially, but soooo happy that it's turned out all for the better! Hope we get to see loads of gorgeous pictures from it now. :D

  5. You sound a bit like me..anything new takes a lot of getting used to. You should have heard some of the things I was saying about my new laptop! It looks like a great camera though so you enjoy it.

  6. Loved your story about your camera Alana and I'm glad you are now both getting on together! *Ü* Have fun. TFS. ~Glen~

  7. i think this is one of those cases when the term NEVER JUDGE A BOOK BY THE COVER applies, m so glad you like the camera

  8. Fantastic camera Alana. I havejust recentl replaced my point and shoot which I loved and like you for once in my life did some considered research, and s far I love it

    Suzy x