Sunday, 28 June 2009

Robert @14

Finally photographed some of my recent layouts. This was Robert enjoying his carrot birthday cake back in May. He's a funny boy at times, here's me thinking I could get away with a brought chocolate cake from the supermarket, but oh no Robert has other ideas. He wanted carrot cake with cream cheese frosting, no problem, got out my Mary Berry Cake Book (the baking queen in my opinion) and it was finished in a flash. Finished it off with a sparkler as we sang happy birthday but I didn't know you had to have special indoor sparklers, so hoped that the grandparents couldn't notice the ash from the sparkler (what with the poor eyesight). Anyhow had fun glittering odd chipboard alphas (loving the glitterness but not the mess, look like I've been to a 70's disco night with it all stuck to my face). Used the Core Definitions Card stock for the first time, wasn't really that impressed with it. Maybe I need to be more rougher with it. Any suggestions let me know. Talking of letting me know, please feel free to leave kind comments. it would be nice to know I'm not blabbering to myself. Thanks.

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